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This is eighteen years in the making

If you promise to stay conscious I will try and do the same


Thanks goes to Jenna for this journal (She gave it to me back when LJ was INVITES-ONLY).

I got my name from the name of the fairy I had got from a quiz online. I am that sad, yes. Not a pagan though, in case you were wondering.

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Since I couldn't fit my favourite bands in the 'Interests' below...
Absolute Favourite Band: Queen
Other Favourites (in no particular order):
the beatles, OK GO, Miles Davis, Broken Social Scene, vast, calexico, mono, aereogramme, rachel feist, the auteurs, gin blossoms, the cranberries, buffalo springfield, neil young, enya, Eisley, Buddy Holly & the Crickets, Peter, Paul & Mary, Peter, Bjorn & John, aberfeldy, ritchie valens, Charlie Parker, Explosions in the sky, the shins, the replacements, jenny owen youngs, michael jackson, the alcoholic lovers, lou reed, ella fitzgerald, the kinks, the doors, elvis, bob marley, kashmir, XTC, mogwai, nick drake, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, regina spektor, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, The Velvet Underground, Afrika Bambaataa, eminem, leonard cohen, whitney houston, macy gray, jamie lidell, john lennon, the cure, the kooks, Morrissey, Sigur Ros, Peter Salett, Patrick Wolf, blur, portishead, the zutons, matchbox twenty, thom yorke, fleetwood mac, aerosmith, ladytron, radiohead, damien rice, keane, james brown, azure ray, belle & sebastian, stevie nicks, the feeling, bowling for soup, steriophonics, the wrens, frou frou, imogen heap, bright eyes, rufus wainwright, elliot smith, the yeah yeah yeahs, sandi thom, robbie williams, frou frou, aqualung, joseph arthur, scouting for girls, frank sinatra, the afters, snow patrol, dire straits, manic street preachers, sol seppy, band of horses, the fray, taylor hicks, our lady peace, blink 182, lifehouse, stevie wonder, ray charles, carrie underwood, the hush sound, bee gees, ben folds five, ben folds, daniel powter, bloc party, blondie, right said fred, bob dylan, bon jovi, bruce springsteen, billy joel, carbon leaf, abba, coldplay, counting crows, disney music, duran duran, eiffel 65, franz ferdinand, pet shop boys, evan and jaron, aretha franklin, grease, goo goo dolls, hanson, hellogoodbye, pink floyd, human league, jack johnson, jacks mannequin, something corporate, switchfoot, sondre lerche jamie cullum, garbage, everclear, flogging molly, george harrison, guns and roses, jason mraz, jeff buckley, jimmy eat world, death cab for cutie, john mayer, johnny cash, junior senior, kaiser chiefs, kanye west, kelly clarkson, kt tunstall, kings of leon, led zeppelin, len, leslie gore, madonna (earlier work), marc cohn, marty casey, meatloaf, milli vanilli, modern talking, the monkees, new radicals, no doubt, nine inch nails, phil collins, the police, randy newman, the ramones, red hot chilli peppers, rem, rob thomas, rod stewart, roxette, sarah mclachlan, scissor sisters, low million, semisonic, sister hazel, smashing pumpkins, spice girls, surfjan stevens, swirl 360, the album leaf, the calling, the cardigans, the dandy warhols, the killers, the postal service, the rolling stones, the temptations, the who, tina turner, tom jones, travis, van halen, the verve pipe, weezer, wham, white town, train...err basically anything except Heavy Metal. [I also love Music from Musicals! Just be glad I didn't list them out as well.]
acoustic guitar, acrylic, acrylics, adam brody, adrian lester, anderson cooper, andy ross, apples, art, artists, bare feet, billy boyd, blank paper, bollywood, books, boromir, british comedy, britpop, cartoons, children, comedy, damian kulash, dan konopka, david eddings, dead poets society, disney, doodling, draco, drawing, dreams, dude, elves, emotions, emperor's new groove, eowyn, faeries, fairy, fallen, fallen angels, falling, fanfics, fanfiction, faramir, fiction, flower, flying, foster's home, freddie mercury, friends, frodo, fudge, fuel, graphite, grease, greek, guitars, harry potter, hippies, history, history channel, hold on, hustle, ink, j.r.r tolkien, james dean, jon stewart, kashmir, kronk, landscape, latin, livejournal, llamas, long con, lord of the rings, lotr, love, love actually, lyrics, making icons, mangoes, merry, movies, music, musicals, oranges, painting, paper, parody, peace, pen, pencil, photography, photos, pippin, piscean, pisces, poems, poetry, portrait, potc, queen, queer eye, quills, quirky people, reading, robert sean leonard, school, scrubs, sean bean, sean biggerstaff, shaun of the dead, short films, shrek, shrek2, singing, sketchbook, sketches, sleep, snape, snl, songwriting, stars, stephen colbert, steve carell, studies, the colbert report, the daily show, the hobbit, the office, theatre, tim nordwind, tom felton, topher grace, un, vertical horizan, viggo mortenson, voldermort, wallpapers, web design, web-designing, werewolves, white, witchcraft, wonderfalls, world, writing, z